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Moo Moo, as she is known to most, is probably the cutest dog you will ever meet. In fact, when you meet her, if you don't fall under her spell, then something is fishy about you. Moo Moo makes dog haters change their ways with her puppy dog looks and her adorable personality.

With that being said, she is a menace because she really is making you fall in love with her with no intentions of going home with you. Yes, she USES people to pet her and give her affection, or treats or maybe just let her USE your lap as a pillow for her to be lazy on.

Yes, Moo is crafty, but then again, she used to be in a gang. But now that she is with me and Real 2 Reel, she has tried to change her ways. The Gang ways that is. She used to carry a switch blade and steal vittles from other dogs, but now, she just barks at them from inside the door. She knows she has it good, and if she thinks you have it good too, she'll join you for a picture in the studio (be careful, she is a camera hog).

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